Our Approach



We get people working. Our participants start with a 12-week program to begin a career in film, television, and new media that:

  • Builds on a fully immersive learning model — hands-on doing, making, learning,

  • Gives our participants the life skills they need to develop a work ethic,

  • Puts them in the mix with industry professionals and mentors, and

  • Teaches them that networking is an essential part of the hustle.

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Our 12-week curriculum physically follows the flow of production, starting with an agency/idea and moving to a production company, an expendables house to learn about equipment and then to a soundstage. For the post-production segment, we visit a music house, a VFX house and an editorial house. Each step of the way, we practice what we learn, getting on walkie-talkies, completing time sheets and expense forms, and using computers for research, resumes and call sheets. Similarly, the guest speaker schedule is designed to track the sequence of roles before, during and after shooting on set: writer, line producer, Assistant Director, Production Designer, Cinematographer, Editor, composer, etc.

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I hired the guys for a video I did this last weekend and let me tell you I was already impressed by these guys, but after seeing them on set, I want to work with them forever. So humble, such hard workers and always looking to make themselves useful. My entire crew, producers, choreographer, etc were blown away as well. - JJ, Director