Our Reputation

After a few weeks of the program, most of our participants get their first gig through the generosity of our production partners. They show up early to set, work really hard, and make an impression on the crew of freelancers. Their professionalism is what gets them noticed.  

Here’s a little feedback from our production partners:

Hey you all,

I hired the guys for a video I did this last weekend and let me tell you I was already impressed by these guys, but after seeing them on set, I want to work with them forever. So humble, such hard workers and always looking to make themselves useful. My entire crew, producers, choreographer, etc were blown away as well.

Thank you again for introducing me to them.


Hey there!

Jhonny was incredible. He was always one of the first Pa's to respond on the walkie and by far the most proactive. I put him on my must-call list for future shoots. In fact, I'm about to shoot him a text today for my shoot next weekend. I can’t believe it was his first job.

If anyone needs another PA, he can pretty much do it all.


Dear Joshua, 

Thank you for the thoughtfulness and for taking the time to follow up.  I know we had little interaction, but I am fully aware of what an outstanding job you did, a fact which I was reminded of by various crew members on more than one occasion.  I have passed this along as well to the owner of the company who was so happy to hear it.  

I wish you great success in your future and will certainly be calling you again for upcoming projects.  In the meantime, feel free to drop me an email from time to time letting me know of your availability as well.


To All!

Just wanted to let you know that Joey was excellent, nothing but good things to say from all departments.

I’ll definitely be bringing him on the next one, thanks!


Good morning, Guys, 

Christine was AWESOME. A super hard worker, great attitude. When anyone called for an available PA, she was one of the first to respond...which I and the AD's definitely appreciate.

I would happily work with her again!