Our Program

Every day, those churned out of California’s prisons and foster care systems return to disadvantaged communities, struggling families and precious little of a foundation upon which they can realize their potential.

The cycle of institutionalization has infected every part of their lives. And yet for many, their talent and drive are ready to be honed for professional success.

MANIFESTWORKS is a workforce development organization geared toward de-marginalizing our participants and giving them tools for success in film, television, and new media production. They start with a 12-week program that: 

  • builds on a fully immersive learning model — hands-on doing, making, learning,

  • gives our participants the life skills they need to develop a work ethic,

  • puts them in the mix with industry professionals and mentors, and

  • teaches them that networking is an essential part of the hustle.

Beyond the workshops, our program includes: 

  • paid, on-set experience,

  • real world experience on location, in production houses, sound stages, and post-production facilities,

  • the support and wisdom of past participants who return to offer help to those that follow.

At the conclusion of our program, graduates have beginning of their own professional rolodex. They harness connections they’ve made and find jobs from our network of partners throughout the entertainment industry, joining our alumni who are crewing television shows, commercials, and films. 

Some of our alumni have moved into entertainment trade unions, found work in entertainment law, and moved in-house as production coordinators for foundations and with agencies representing talent. Regardless of their path forward, we know that 100 percent of the participants who complete our curriculum have increased their job satisfaction, their present and future earnings and, most importantly, their sense of hope for the future.