The ManifestWorks Curriculum

ManifestWorks is an immersive workforce development and job placement organization; we turn real-world experience into learning opportunities for those impacted by foster care, homelessness, and incarceration. To best address the needs of our participants, our proprietary curriculum that follows the arc of production over the course of 10 weeks—from the inception of an idea through many aspects of post-production—while cultivating real-world skills that translate to any industry. 

Our curriculum is designed to meet the participants where they are while maintaining a commitment to rigor and excellence, while supporting their quest for a successful career. Using a three-pronged approach to workforce development, the curriculum combines weekly lessons, weekly seminars, and on-the-job experience, ensuring participants gain the knowledge that will continue to serve them over the course of their careers. 

Because this will be the first professional experience for many of our participants, the weekly lessons are incremental and cumulative, allowing participants to fully integrate new lessons while continuing to build a robust set of skills. The weekly seminars are structured to supplement the course materials, while also providing additional context, hands-on experience, and networking opportunities with leading industry professionals. Over time, participants gain a base of knowledge across a broad cross-section of topics from professional development, to working on set, to effective communication methods and life management skills. As participants gain an understanding of industry basics, we begin to place them in short-term freelance gigs so that they may gain on-the-job experience, start to cultivate a network, and begin building a professional reputation within the industry. 

ManifestWorks is committed to the continued success of our participants and alumni. To this end, the curriculum is a resource for alumni to access for guidance as they advance in their careers.